If You’ve Wondered How BTS Will Look Like As Girls, Here’s The Fan-Edited Answer You’ve Been Looking For

BTS proves they’re visual perfection, as they look great as girls, too!

It seems like BTS members are all visual perfection, since they look amazing as men — and as women, too.

Ever wondered how they would look like if they were women instead?

An ARMY under Twitter user andrea_btsOT7 took the time to edit their pictures and really bring out their beauty. Check their pretty pictures below and be amazed at how gorgeous BTS members really are!

1. RM

RM‘s dimples are equally charming — just look at his bright smile!

2. Jin

Worldwide handsome? The group’s oldest member Jin can be called “Worldwide Beautiful”, too.

3. Suga

No matter what gender Suga identifies with, his swag will always be with him.

4. J-Hope

We can only “hope” to look as pretty as J-Hope someday as well.

5. V

There’s a reason why V‘s face is well-loved by ARMYs — he’s such a cutie pie!

6. Jimin

Jimin‘s mochi cheeks are equally as squishy, too.

And of course, it’s the eye smile that is consistent every time Jimin smiles!

7. Jungkook

The group’s “Golden Maknae” can pull off any look, including looking like a beautiful woman.

Now that you’ve seen how BTS members will be as women, why not go the other way and check out how they’ll be like when they become fathers in the future, too?

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