BTS V’s Pure Reaction To Breaking A Heart Is Melting Everyone Else’s

Yet another reason to fall for his charms.

In episode ninety-five of Run BTS!, BTS were each tasked with shaping their own pieces of honeycomb toffee. When things didn’t go as planned for V, his reaction had everyone melting over how pure it was, making them fall even more for his charms.

After mixing it and placing his honeycomb toffee in the pan to cook, V wanted to shape his piece into a heart. Carefully, he pressed the cookie cutter into his, making sure it went through for a deep impression.

It came out exactly how he’d wanted, looking beautiful. The rest of the members took notice of how much better it came out compared to everyone else’s. That’s when things decided not to go as smoothly.

When it was time to break apart the honeycomb toffee to leave only the heart shape left, it broke into pieces. To make it even more dramatic, there was a big crack right down the middle of it.

With a sad face, V looked up from his broken heart like someone had rained on his entire parade. The pure reaction for such a symbolic thing touched fans’ hearts.

They were ready to protect V at all costs after seeing how sad he’d become. There was someone else they noticed who had a similar reaction.

As J-Hope held up a pan where a heart was drawn into the mixture, it all began to slide to the bottom, erasing it. He was just as confused when he noticed it.

V may look confident and badass one moment but soft and innocent the next. Whose heart wouldn’t melt from such a sweet reaction like that? See it here, starting from 7:27.