BTS’s V Is Always With ARMY, Even In Their Dreams

He’s giving fans a magical gift that says, “I purple you.”

Day or night, near or afar, BTS‘s V finds ways to stay by ARMY’s side.

Social distancing has been tough on everyone, including idols and their fans, but BTS is working around it. Lately, the members have been hosting live streams, issuing stay at home challenges, inviting fans to do art projects, and more.

Like most rules in life, social distancing has a loophole or two. V can’t see ARMY in person, but he can visit them in their dreams. On Weverse, a fan left this post saying, “I can’t sleep.” 

V, who often stays up late, gave fans this incentive to go to bed.

Move over Sandman, dreamland has a new king! Can you imagine V as the “Balloon Fairy” fluttering through dreams, leaving magic balloons as presents? These fans can!

Yawn. Suddenly, I really need a nap!