BTS’s V In The Rain Is One Magnificent View Like No Other ARMYs Have Seen

Extreme sexiness inside, proceed with caution.

At BTS‘s 5th Muster “Magic Shop: Love Maze” in Chiba, Japan, held on November 23-24, 2019, V was pure perfection — with his new curly hair adding so much more to his overall irresistible vibe!


ARMYs are particularly in love with V’s styling for the performance of “Pied Piper”…


… in which he rocked this $3K+ outfit, but looked like at least a couple billion dollars.


The sprinkling rain only boosted V’s “I’m here to save you, but I’m also here to ruin you” vibe…


… and as more visuals become available from the fan meeting, ARMYs continue feeling attacked AF by V’s ethereal beauty!


V not only looked magnificently sexy…


… but also sounded like heaven. His voice, echoing out into the audience, blessed all ARMYs:


Isn’t he a view so grandiose?