BTS V’s Ninja-Level Hand-Eye Coordination Is Blowing Fans Away

He moves at the speed of shadow.

If BTS‘s hadn’t chosen a career in the spotlight, he could have become a professional ninja. Maybe.

V picks up choreography faster than BTS picks up trophies. According to his members, V is the quickest to learn their dances, and he can nail new choreography after seeing it just once! That takes serious brainpower and talent.

V can also do action hero stunts like this.

Intelligence? Check. Athleticism? Check. Check. Like any true ninja though, V has above-average reflexes and hand-eye coordination. For example, V grabbed this just in the knick of time…

…effortlessly threw darts behind him…

…and caught a flying water bottle…

…countless times.

Now, he’s proving his ninja skills all over again! In Episode 100 of Run BTS! BTS played the most chaotic sports games you’ve ever seen, scoring more hits than points.  Although V couldn’t avoid every birdie attack…

…he did catch a shuttlecock one-handed.

J-Hope was stunned, and so are fans!

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