BTS V Reigns King Of Gucci With His Newest Accessories

BTS V recently posted this selfie showing his cute new Gucci necklace pendants.

The pendants are Red and Green Gucci Tiger Pendants in Silver.

They cost about $170 USD a piece – making the two close to $340 USD in total.

They were first spotted when V was at the airport in May, where he wore his green pendant!

The newest red addition shows that his Gucci accessory collection keeps growing – like this watch at $1100 USD!

Between his famous $2,000 USD Gucci Leather Bag…

… his gorgeous Gucci Snake Tie ($200 USD)…

and his Gucci Canvas Baseball Hat ($223 USD)

His collection seems to be growing larger and larger. No wonder he looks like the rich son of a CEO…

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