Here Is What BTS’s V Requested From RM For His Birthday

He wants something special.

Now that all the members of BTS each have an Instagram account, they’ve been having fun commenting on each others’ posts. And recently, V revealed exactly what he wants as a special birthday present from leader RM.

When J-Hope posted a set of pictures to celebrate the end of his quarantine, a jealous RM commented on the post saying, “That’s crazy…”

Since RM has just returned to Korea from the US, he is only now starting his quarantine, so he added, “I’m so jealous.” To which J-Hope replied, “Namjoon, I took a cute picture in front of the present you gave me 😢🔥

That’s when V came in with his birthday wish, commenting, “If you also gave me artwork that suited me for my birthday I’d be very happy, RM 👏

Hilariously, J-Hope replied to V’s comment saying, “Let’s control ourselves 👏” mimicking V’s clapping hands emoji.

With V’s birthday coming up December 30, we will soon find out what sort of present RM ends up giving him. Perhaps he picked something up during his trip in the US, as fans are already speculating that some of the items RM bought before returning to Korea could possibly be Christmas presents for the members. Either way, V will surely love it!