BTS’s V Reveals Why He’s Been Working Out A Lot Lately

The members also spoke about a scene from the “Butter” music video!

BTS‘s V has been gaining attention for his muscular physique, and in a live broadcast, he revealed why he started working out!


In the live broadcast, the members spoke about the scene in the “Butter” music video where they form the word “ARMY.” V was wearing a sleeveless shirt in this scene, and the members found this funny!


V then shared that it was such an ordeal for him to show his arms back in the days since they were skinny.

When asked if he got over this, V shared that he started working out to get over this “issue.”

The members then got playful and laughingly shared that V was doing arm exercises for about 30 mins before shooting the scene in the “Butter” music video where he showed his arm!

Jimin then laughingly shared that V only worked out his right arm since it was the only one shown in the scene!

Here’s the music video for “Butter” below!

Source: Naver Live