BTS’s V Told A Story About RM’s Rarely Seen Touchy-Feely Side

Things took an adorably unexpected turn when V returned home from a recording session.

BTS‘s members don’t mind getting touchy-feely, but some members, like V, are naturally more cuddly than others.

The maknae liners (Jimin, V, and Jungkook) are especially fond of hugging, snuggling, and sleeping like a pile of puppies.

RM, on the other hand, is cool with letting his members hang off him like this, but he usually doesn’t initiate skinship. Keyword: usually.

V once told a story about how RM surprised with him with skinship after V returned from a recording session early one morning.

“At the time,” V explained. “our beds were right next to each other. Our beds were so close. So, I lay down like this and RapMon-hyung suddenly grabbed my hand.” 

Once RM had V’s hand, he wouldn’t let it go! This took V by surprise because RM doesn’t usually act that way. V shook their linked hands…

…but RM, though half-asleep, kept holding on!

V ended his sweet story by saying, “I saw a cute side of RM that day.”