BTS’s V Was Once Asked To Give His Thoughts On Leader RM… Here’s How He Answered

V’s answer will warm your heart!

The BTS members are incredibly thankful towards their leader RM, and V once said some touching words about RM.

BTS’s RM (Left) & V (Right)

During an interview, the members were asked to give their thoughts on the member sitting to the right of them. V was tasked with RM, and he started by praising RM’s ability to look after the members.

| December Deer/YouTube

If one of the members is having any worries, RM either texts that member personally or he has a face to face talk with them.

| December Deer/YouTube

V concluded by speaking about how the members are always encouraging each other and that this is why their bond is so great!

| December Deer/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!