V, RM, And Suga Are All Coming For Jungkook’s “Ending Fairy” Title

They put their own spin on “Boy With Luv”.

“Ending Fairy” Jungkook may have some competition!


The term “엔딩요정 (Ending Fairy)” is used to describe that one member who strikes a show-stealing final pose at the end of a performance. BTS’s ending fairy for “Boy With Luv” is Jungkook.


Every time BTS performs “Boy With Luv”, Jungkook adds something new to his final pose.


Sometimes, it’s a wink…


Other times, it’s a sexy-cute kiss.


Every time, it steals millions of hearts.


Jungkook is the undisputed ending fairy for “Boy With Luv”, but RMV, and Suga gave him a run for his money at Love Yourself: Speak Yourself in Shizuoka. They each put their own spin on the ending pose. RM made himself shy by doing aegyo…


…Suga gave ARMYs a sexy look over his shoulder…


…and V added in a little Jin to his pose by holding a rose between his teeth!


It’s impossible to say which member channeled their inner ending fairy best, but one thing is certain; Shizuoka ARMYs were well-fed!