BTS’s V Once Ate RM’s Watermelon, And Jimin Recently Gave Him A Taste Of His Own Medicine

They are a real family!

Everyone knows how close the members of BTS are, and more often than not, the group resembles brothers rather than bandmates. With that in mind, it is no surprise that the members like to tease each other as normal siblings do, and it seems as if that will never go away.

The BTS members | @BTS_bighit/ Twitter

In 2019, during an episode of Run BTS!, BTS played a game in a sauna that awarded food and drinks only to the winners. Yet, as expected, V knew how to sweet talk his members by asking for a small bite of each.

Yet, this wasn’t the case, and, in particular, RM suffered the most. When he asked the group’s leader to have a bite of his watermelon slice, V seemed to take the phrase “small” lightly.


The funniest thing about this was RM’s reaction after V innocently took a bite and then walked away.


But, it seems as if karma came back to V recently during the shooting sketch for the jacket of the latest “Butter” album. For one of the concepts, the members had some fun in the sun while playing on the beach.


In the hot weather, the best thing to eat is fresh watermelon. During one of the scenes, V, Jimin, RM, and J-Hope are relaxing by the sea. Jimin is holding a watermelon and goes to feed V the refreshing fruit.


Just as it reaches his mouth, Jimin quickly pulls back, and V does not look impressed about it!


It shows that sometimes, an action you did in the past can come back and haunt you! It also proves that the members can have a joke with each other and are a real family.