BTS Once Revealed Why They Believe V Is The Most Romantic Member

V got a little shy when he got picked.

While all the BTS members can be romantic, the members believe that V is the most romantic!


In an interview, the members were asked to pick the “most romantic” member, and V ended up getting the most votes.

| AhKiErA PeArL/YouTube

When the members got asked why they picked V, they got a little playful and talked about V’s song “Sweet Night,” which is quite a romantic song.

| AhKiErA PeArL/YouTube

Not only that, but Jungkook said that V’s eyes are “romantic.” The members then asked V to show off his “romantic” eyes, and he shyly did!

| AhKiErA PeArL/YouTube

V also is the one who created the phrase “borahae (I purple you).” This phrase is meant to signify BTS’s bond with ARMYs (BTS’s fandom).

Purple is the last color of the rainbow, so it means I will trust and love you for a very long time.

— V

| AhKiErA PeArL/YouTube

V concluded by giving a short but heartwarming message to ARMYs.

| AhKiErA PeArL/YouTube
Source: YouTube


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