BTS V’s Magnificent “Royal Prince Fashion” Reaches Its Peak At 2019 MMA

The bigger the ruffles, the better the V-iew!

BTS‘s V has K-Pop’s most unrivaled gorgeousness, perhaps like that of a dreamy prince from some mysterious faraway land, and ARMYs live for the visuals from different end-of-the-year awards ceremonies where he suits up, best rocking his royal vibe.


And what could possibly be better than some romantic, ruffle-neck collared blouses to complete his prince-themed look? Since 2016, V has excelled at pulling off these outfits with the most unique necklines. His most petite ruffles were featured at 2017’s KCON:


His beauty only becomes more visible as the size of the ruffles grow. Here’s V’s medium-sized ruffles in 2016’s Melon Music Awards:


By 2018, V’s ruffle fashion in full bloom — or so ARMYs thought.


These were the most extravagant ruffles on his blouse they had seen by far. He sure looked like a painting:


At the 2019 Melon Music Awards, however, V topped all of his own ruffle-neck prince fashion with this most “aristocratic” outfit:


ARMYs have nicknamed this an irresistible “King V” outfit…


… and cannot keep their eyes off the magnificent visual!


It’s true; Something about V’s 2019 MMA outfit is the most majestic of them all:


The only feasible explanation being…


The bigger the ruffles, the better the V-iew!


Here’s a full list of 2019 MMA’s winners:

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Source: THEQOO