BTS V’s Dropped A Huge Hint About “Scenery”, But Everyone Missed It

This clue went right over everyone’s head.

BTS V‘s new, self-composed song dropped on January 30 and, up until now, details about the song were shrouded in mystery. It turns out, however, that fans knew much more about “Scenery” than they realized!


V dropped his first hint about his surprise gift for ARMY at the 28th Seoul Music Awards, but he didn’t specify what this gift would be until later. On January 24, V tweeted out a video teaser entitled “Self-composed song” for his upcoming track, and fans were hyped!


“Self-composed song” was all anyone knew about “Scenery”, or so they thought. ARMYs are now realizing that V revealed important details about it at a Love Yourself concert.


On January 19, in Singapore, V told fans, “you are all part of my story, memory, and scenery”. “Scenery” is the song’s literal title, while memories and stories are major motifs found in the lyrics.


At the time of the concert, V’s message touched ARMYs’ hearts, but now that they know the full extent of its meaning, they love it twice as much!