BTS’s V Is The Sexiest Man Alive, According To The Daily Nebraskan

Making what’s official more official.

The Daily Nebraskan, a student newspaper for the University of Nebraska, revealed the staff’s choices on the “Sexiest Man Alive”. Alongside US actors like Jason Momoa and Robert De Niro, BTS‘s V rightfully made his way on the list.


Culture reporter Anne Walter wrote, “the sexiest man alive is Kim Taehyung, known as V, from Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS), the Korean musical group.”


The reporter explained that V deserves such a title, not only because is he visually attractive, but also because he has a charming personality that brings his sexiness up a dozen notches.

Visually, Taehyung is very appealing, and he has been shown to ‘have the perfect male face angle.’ However, that is not why I personally find Taehyung attractive; rather, Taehyung’s personality accentuates his attractiveness the most.

— Anne Walter


The reporter added that V’s attention to detail on and off the stage gives him a care-bear quality that makes a man truly sexy on the inside…

He is extremely attentive to details, and demonstrates care to the others in his group. He appreciates the small things in life and is not afraid to work hard, laugh at himself and have a good time.

— Anne Walter


… and ARMYs couldn’t help but 200% agree with the reporter’s analysis of V’s many charms!

Source: The Daily Nebraskan