BTS’s V Wanted To “Shoot” His Members For Being Distracting AF

They sabotaged V behind the scenes.

If you’ve ever had the urge to “shoot” your friends, don’t worry. can relate!


Back in February, BTS hosted a live after party in their hotel room for ARMY, following the 2019 GRAMMY Awards. During this broadcast, each member passed around a phone and expressed his thoughts about their GRAMMY experience.


Several members sabotaged Jin’s speech time, but he wasn’t the only one interrupted!


V was trying to be sentimental and serious, but his giggly friends made this impossible.


“I really want to shoot you guys with this camera,” V said. The word he used for “shoot” could mean film, but it could also mean “chop” or “spear”.


Jin was 100% on board with this plan! “Shoot them,” he said.


Watch the whole subtitled video here: