BTS’s V Showed Off His Professionalism By Directing His Solo Performance

V was very involved in the filming process!

BTS V‘s performance of “Inner Child” during the group’s Map Of The Soul ON:E concert was very special to both V himself and to ARMY. A behind-the-scenes look at how involved V was in the production makes it even more special!

V from BTS. | HYBE

In the DVD for the concert, fans got a look at how V directed certain aspects of his performance in order to bring his vision to life. V explained that the merry-go-round set reminded him of his childhood as he has many fond memories including merry-go-rounds!


During the performance, V was accompanied by child model and actor Lee Dam who represented V’s inner child. The two wore matching outfits and even their hair was intentionally styled to look identical!

Lee Dam and V. | HYBE 

In one scene, V discussed with one of the staff members how he would like the filming to go. He expressed that he would like to interact with Lee more during a specific part.


V also had the audience and the song in mind while pitching ideas to the directors! Because one part of the song invites the viewers to sing along with V, he suggested that Lee stop on the merry-go-round right behind V and the two could look forward together.


Even though V undoubtedly have fun while on stage together with Lee, he proved he’s the epitome of professionalism and showed off his directorial potential! Check out a clip from the DVD below.

Source: YouTube and BANGTAN TV