“Bon Voyage” Just Proved BTS’s V Without A Shirt Is Exponentially Hotter Than V With A Shirt

It has been confirmed.

In the latest Story Untold episode of BTS‘s Bon Voyage 4 series, V went extra-sexy by taking his shirt off in the hot tub — and some eagle-eyed ARMYs spotted a glimpse of this shirtless glory.


V initially came to sizzle with Jimin and J-Hope in the hot tub, dressed in his lounging sweatpants and white shirt.


As he got settled in the tub, he took his shirt off and the camera angle got lucky enough to catch his million-dollar shoulders in the right hand bottom corner…


… plus a steamy reflection on the window.


Though all it captures is a split second of his shoulders and up, ARMYs are falling in love with what is revealed of V’s incredible physique!


This isn’t the first time Bon Voyage has caught V shirtless. In Hawaii, for the second season of the series, V’s reflection of changing his shirt was also caught on camera.


And ARMYs can’t thank Bon Voyage enough for keeping them satisfied with the exact content for which they signed up.

Source: Twitter and THEQOO (1) and (2)