BTS’s V Flustered The Staff By Catching Them In A Lie On Set

The director didn’t see this “truth bomb” coming.

Fibbers beware! is a human lie detector, and he won’t hesitate to call your bluff.

BTS has shot several commercials since becoming brand ambassadors for Bodyfriend massage chairs last year. Now, a newly released video is showing fans what really happened behind the scenes!

V is a fantastic actor, but even he broke character while reciting cheesy lines. Between takes, the staff touched up his hair and chatted with him about the shoot. That’s when the director made a tiny mistake!

He informed V that the chair he was sitting on was the first product in a brand new series. When V asked if that meant he was the first person to sit in it, the director replied, “Of course.” 

That, dear readers, was a lie! V, knowing this, decided to tease him. “But earlier weren’t some other staff sitting here?” he asked casually. “Isn’t that person the main character?”

Uh-oh. Busted! The staff burst out laughing as the flustered director scrambled to backpedal. He hastily explained that yes, other people sat in the chair before V did, but only to do safety checks!

Watch the video here: