BTS V steals the spotlight with his outlandish fashion

BTS members are known among fans for their funny and sometimes outrageous personalities but member V‘s strange fashion choice has fans obsessed on a whole new level.

At the band’s recent appearance on KBS‘s Music Bank, member V appeared wearing a leopard print fur coat teamed with a bright red beret and large sunglasses to the amusement of his fellow band members and fans. V continued the gag as he posed for the cameras before breaking into a dance routine from the popular meme “PPAP” which has become a viral trend in Korea as many idols including TWICE‘s Tzuyu and Chaeyoung and F(x)‘s Victoria have created their own version of the popular video.

V’s look has since gone viral and fans have dubbed his hilarious look as the “Auntie” outfit creating fan art and memes of their own of V latest look.

Check out V’s hilarious outfit below.

BTS V Music Bank 2016

I can’t believe V actually wore this in public!

BTS V Music Bank 2016

The other members look like they had no idea.

BTS V Music Bank 2016

“PPAP” is taking over right now.

BTS V Music Bank 2016

V looks like he is enjoying his new look.

BTS V Music Bank 2016

No wonder fans are loving this silly look from V.

Source: StarSeoulTv

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