BTS Members Were Once Asked To Draw V… And Suga’s Drawing Had V In “Disbelief”

The other members teased Suga for his drawing!

BTS‘s Suga can be quite playful, and he drew a playful drawing when the members had to draw a picture of V.

BTS’s Suga


During BTS’s 2017 Home Party, the members played a game where they had to be blindfolded and draw a member’s face.

V was the first model to be chosen for the game.

The members were in groups, and only one of them had to draw. RM, Suga, and J-Hope were tasked with drawing V while blindfolded.

Suga ended up only needing a few seconds to finish his drawing, as he only drew the letter “V.” When Jin saw Suga’s drawing, he told him that he was “a great artist.”

The other members soon saw Suga’s drawing, and they began teasing him about it!

Time was soon up, and V had to rank the drawings. When he was looking over them, he saw Suga’s and laughingly said, “What is this?

V ended up ranking Suga’s drawing 3rd (last), and the members jokingly told him that he “went too far.”

RM ended up getting 2nd place, and J-Hope got 1st!

Suga sure thought of a unique way of doing the mission!

BTS’s V (Left) & Suga (Right)

Source: Naver Live