BTS’s V “Flexes” On Suga… And Suga Couldn’t Help But Laugh

“Come on, touch my arm.”

BTS‘s V has recently been getting attention for his muscular physique.


During a live broadcast, V decided to “flex” some of his muscles in front of Suga.

BTS’s Suga

Suga recently held a live broadcast, and V made a sudden appearance. However, as soon as V appeared, Suga teased him and told him not to squeeze his arm muscles.

V laughed at Suga’s comment and decided to get a little playful, as he told Suga to touch his arm. Suga just laughed in disbelief and told V, “Are you a Metapod (a Pokémon)? You are squeezing your muscles when someone touches you.”

After teasing V, Suga praised V for the hard work he has put into his body.

However, Suga once again began laughing when he realized that V was flexing his arm again.

V then shared that he had just finished doing some shoulder exercises and asked Suga to touch his shoulder.

Suga just laughed in disbelief and asked V if he just came to brag about his arm muscles.

Just another adorable moment to add to the never-ending list of Suga and V’s ridiculous chemistry!

BTS’s V & Suga
Source: Naver Live