Suga Wasn’t Buying What Salesman V Was Selling At “House Of BTS”

V became the most handsome salesman at BTS’s pop-up store.

If you’re looking for the world’s most handsome salesman, you’ll find him at House of BTS!

On November 8, BangtanTV released a video from BTS’s visit to their pop-up store in Gangnam, Seoul. The members had a blast exploring their mini music video sets, posing with their larger than life figures…

…and filling their shopping baskets with goodies.


At one point, V slipped on this pink overcoat, worn by House of BTS employees, and became a convincing retail clerk.

He persuaded Jin to try on a black cap…


…but Suga refused to buy anything V was selling!

Oh well! Some customers just can’t be convinced to empty their wallets. If V was a real salesman though, millions of ARMYs would line up at the door!

Watch the full episode here:

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