BTS’s V Is A Big Fan Of “Call Me By Your Name” — And Here Are The Times He Showed It

Years go by, but he still loves it.

BTS’s V proved himself as a fan of Academy Award-winning Call Me By Your Name (2017) directed by Luca Guadagnino by sharing his enthusiasm about the movie on various occasions throughout the years.

| @samdameshek/Instagram

His first mention of the movie was in May of 2019. He dramatically performed part of a piano piece “Le Jardin Féerique from Ma Mère l’Oye” by Szervánszky & Cavaye from the movie’s OST.

The portion of the song he played can be heard below.

A few weeks later in June, he mentioned his love for the movie during a live broadcast.

As a fan and a lover of all kinds of art, V added the OST into his playlist and had the music softly playing in the background during the broadcast.

He began to explain the movie and mention how he enjoyed its deep meanings and artistic use of colors.

It contains various messages. Quite deep meanings, actually. I recommend it.

— V

A year later in June of 2020, he recited some lines from the movie during another live broadcast.

In this scene, Mr. Perlman delivers a powerful speech to Elio.


Check out the scene from the movie below!

From appreciating the messages to its artistic value, V loves sharing his passion for the movie with ARMYs.

| @samdameshek/Instagram