BTS’s V’s Status as A Cultural Icon Leads Many to Believe He’ll Be as Legendary as The Beatles’ Paul McCartney

He’s destined to go down in history as one of the greatest of all-time.

Journalists, music critics, and media executives all over the world continue to be impressed by BTS‘s V, and they’re not afraid to share why.

One of the leading and loudest supporters of V is from media executives in Brazil. Renan Peixoto, a journalist and one of the executive producers of the Brazilian TV station Rede Globo, has continually shown praise for V dating back to BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears” era, and that praise is far-reaching. The station he helps produce, Rede Globo, is the most significant news network in Brazil and the third-largest in the world, with over 100 international news affiliates. His positive comments have created a ripple effect throughout international news and media outlets, and many others are seconding his praise.

Spurred by comments like those made by Renan Peixoto, many other industry professionals have started to see just how influential BTS has become. The group has become more than only one of the top musical acts of this generation; they’ve become considered as one of the best of all-time. People all over the world have ranked BTS as the second greatest musical act of all time, trailing only the legendary UK rock band The Beatles, but Renan Peixoto took the comparison one step further.

In recent tweets and interviews, Renan Peixoto specifically evaluated V and his position as a global cultural icon.

V has always received attention by media in countries all over the world. I think that in the future, V will be remembered as a cultural icon just as much as Paul McCartney [from The Beatles] is.

—Renan Peixoto

Renan Peixoto continued his praise of V over his tweets and comments, building off his prediction of V’s future legacy.

V is most certainly a member of BTS first, but he will also be a character in a bigger story. V is going to forge a different path in the world of beauty, and offer a new direction away from the Western rough-and-tumble standards for what defines a handsome man.

—Renan Peixoto

The praise for V just kept coming. Kim Jae Ha, a journalist for the Los Angeles TimesBillboard, and Variety, has written numerous articles over the years on BTS and their worldwide achievements. In particular, is the praise given for V’s solo song “Winter Bear.”

V’s song “Winter Bear” is full of breathtaking artistry, which mirrors the artist. He is truly a Renaissance man.

—Kim Jae Ha

Colin Nika, a journalist and creative director for DAZED magazine, also didn’t hide his admiration for the singer.

The main reason why I’m attracted to BTS’s V is his voice, articulate actions, and clear sensibility. He’s just like David Bowie. He’s almost his successor in a way, and I know that he will continue to grow as an artist.

—Colin Nika

Even PBS News Hour added their evaluation and said that V’s “Singularity” has become “a K-Pop classic” thanks to his unique style and approach to music.

V has continued to amass worldwide praise for his singing, dancing, lyrics, compositions, photography, and fashion, and it’s a list of things he excels at that seems to keep growing. Professionals and fans alike from all over the world are excited to see him continue to explore his talents and passions and can’t wait to see what the future holds for hin.

Source: Star News and SAVEME TAEHYUNG Official Twitter