BTS’s V Reveals He Gained Weight During A Specific Era, And That’s Exactly Why ARMY Love It

Two words: Chubby cheeks. 😍

BTS‘s V knows ARMY better than we know ourselves — and he proved it while revealing one of his most beloved eras according to fans!


He shared he gained more weight than usual during the release of “Fake Love” in 2018.

However, V doesn’t feel bad about it at all. Instead, he actually loved it since ARMY found him really cute with the extra weight!

With his chubbier cheeks, his face had a rounder and softer appearance that ARMY found extremely cute — for obvious reasons!

Not only do fans love this super cute look, but his family also found him adorable with extra weight.

He once revealed before the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards that his grandmother prefers him chubby. Since she was going to tune into the program, he had no choice but to keep eating his fries!

Four years later, his “Fake Love” chubby cheeks quickly became a fan-favorite look.

He shared that during this time, he was eating a whopping 8 meals a day. However, with all of BTS’s practice, it served to fuel his body.

Jokingly, Suga said that V resembles a square when he gains weight. Just like a loaf of bread, ARMY made the same comparison about his “bread cheeks.”

It’s impossible not to love this squishy side of him!