BTS V And J-Hope’s Once Wanted Opposite Halloween Costumes — And It Sums Up Their Differences Perfectly

It suits them so well!

BTS‘s V and J-Hope once revealed some Halloween costumes they would like to try and their answers left ARMYs cracking up!

In 2016, they named what they wanted to dress up as the following year and the answers each boy gave summed up their differences flawlessly.

J-Hope often chooses cool and charismatic costumes, so his choice of the Hulk is perfect for him!

His intensity on stage, and also his intense personality, make the Hulk a great choice for him. It’s like J-Hope flicks a switch and becomes destructive — of the stage, that is!

He’s aggressive, cool, and dangerous to ARMY’s hearts!

V, on the other hand, chose Cardcaptor Sakura!

His love of extravagant looks and unique fashion shows he’s unafraid to try something that veers from the norm.

He’s also no stranger to attempting a gender-bent costume and looking stunning!

To see the latest costume ideas the members have, check out what J-Hope chose below!

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Source: @_bwitaes940106/Twitter