Here’s The One Hilarious Difference Between BTS’s V And J-Hope When Taking “Boyfriend Material” Photos

They’re total opposites!

BTS‘s J-Hope and V are total pros when it comes to taking “boyfriend material” photos! Despite their close friendship and similar habits, they recently showed how different they are in one particular way.

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During Season 1 of In The Soop, the members stumbled across an article title praising J-Hope for his boyfriend material photos.

When Jimin confronted J-Hope with the accusation of “making ARMY’s hearts flutter,” he had the best response!

I sure take a lot of good boyfriend pictures!

— J-Hope

Overflowing with confidence, J-Hope smiled at the camera with pride. However, this was the exact opposite of what V did when the same thing happened to him!

After posting a photo of himself enjoying the snowfall on Instagram, Jin left him with a comment that V wasn’t ready for.

Woah, a boyfriend material pic!

— Jin

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V replied with a series of embarrassed comments from Jin’s compliment.

  • “Don’t make fun of me, I’m sad.”
  • “My picture failed because of you hyung. The picture seems way sadder now.”
  • “My dream is (to be) a boyfriend picture maker.”

As if that wasn’t enough, he soon deleted all of their comments…then deleted the whole photo all together!

While V is super shy about his boyfriend material skills, J-Hope is full of confidence. However, both boys have a real knack for it!

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