V Gets Real About His Relationship With The BTS Members And ARMY

“I don’t like a business-like approach to anything.”

Known for their genuine and close relationship with one another, the BTS members have a bond that extends far beyond the workplace. Separate them for even a little while, like during their individual vlogs, and it won’t take long for each of them to mention the others.

Specifically, V once went in-depth about the boys’ “non-business” relationship with each other. From the moment he met them during their humble beginnings, he didn’t just see them as coworkers, but as family.

We formed a solid rapport because we got our start with a small agency. My mindset was also very different. From that point on, I thought of my group as a new family.

— V

BTS displays their close-knit relationship on and off stage.

In the same way that his family has shown him support, his members are always there to understand and comfort him.

Many people already know this, but what my father used to say is, ‘It’s no big deal!’ and that still gives me strength to this day. Also, my groupmates tell me that I can lean on them and talk to them whenever I’m having a hard time. When I’m struggling, they comfort me as Kim Taehyung, not V.

— V

The members provide each other emotional support.

This genuine relationship doesn’t solely exist between the members — It extends to their love for their fans. Wanting to connect on a deeper level than simply artist-fan communication, V views ARMY on a deeper level.

I want to be close friends with the members of ARMY, and I talk to them on Weverse whenever I have a problem or something I want to share. This is how I want to interact all the time — I don’t like a business-like approach to anything.

— V

V live streams to hang out with fans. | Naver 

V has shared that he sees his close relationship with fans as “destiny” and something that greatly influences his life.

He reveals that all of what he does is what he wants to do, not for business purposes.

I take photos because I like to, I do things because I like them, and I approach people because I like them. I accept that you sometimes need a business mindset, but I’m not very good at that. That’s my weakness.

— V

V frequently uploads photos on social media for ARMY. | @thv/Instagram

“Because I’m loved by many, I want to share that love,” V shares, returning the great love he receives from fans in any way he can.

Source: Vogue Korea