V’s “Thank You” Note In BTS’s New MOTS:7 Album Has ARMYs Ugly Crying With UWU

“I really purple you all…”

BTS‘s V shared the most heartfelt appreciation in his thank you note in the new Map of the Soul: 7 album that dropped February 21, 2020.

He reassured ARMYs that he — his heart, to be exact — has not changed:

So I’m not the best at saying things in an organized manner… but know that I always want to tell you all the beautiful things and do things that will make you feel good. My heart has not changed. It is still here, it has matured, it has grown even bigger. I try to keep my comments short because the longer it gets, the more confused I become. But it’s not easy. I really purple you all though.

— V

And he promised to remain the pride and joy for his fans who support him no matter what.

No matter how old I get, I will keep coming back with more love for everyone. I may not be much, but please let me be your pride and joy. I will strive to remain your awesome son, grandson, friend, younger brother, and older brother who makes you proud.

— V

ARMYs can’t get enough of this “awesome son, grandson, friend, and brother” V.

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Source: THEQOO