BTS’s V Did This One Thing All 4 Days Of The “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concerts

Did you notice?

BTS just concluded a successful round of their first offline concert since the pandemic. They played for 4 days in Los Angeles at the SoFi Stadium to a crowd of around 70,000 seats per day. While some fans were lucky enough to get one ticket, others were even luckier and managed to more than one or all of the days!

One such fan noticed that V did the same thing at the end of every concert. He would find the camera, look at it, and pretend to check his hair and face.

| @callv1230/Twitter

He did the same thing the second day…

| @callv1230/Twitter

…and the third. I mean, if we had his face, we’d do the same.

| @callv1230/Twitter

He rounded out the last day of concerts with his “checking himself out in the mirror” gesture too.

| @kindavoy/Twitter

He’s truly a work of art!

We hope that fans had a good time at the concert!

In other news, V had another moment during the concert where he almost hurt his knee trying to catch a microphone. Read all about it here.

BTS’s V Hurts His Knee During Encore Performance At PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE Concert

Source: theqoo