BTS’s V Played A Sneaky Trick On The Staff — And It Worked 

He does whatever it takes to win!

Every game has rules, but how can you win if the odds just aren’t in your favor?


In Episode 127 of Run BTS!, BTS had to pass a series of 14 challenges to win “Lucky Seven” and go home early. This was much easier said than done for V.

Every single game was out to get him, but he soldiered on until the bitter end! After finally passing the water bottle challenge that nearly destroyed Jimin‘s sanity, V thought he was free.

Unfortunately, he lost Rock Paper Scissors to RM and got stuck completing one final challenge: dominos.

Jimin and Jimin took pity on V and helped him stack up the dominos, but when everything came crashing down by, well, not crashing down…

…they left him on his own!

The staff just couldn’t bear to watch their Winter Bear suffer anymore, so they offered him a way out: Rock Paper Scissors. If he won, he could go home. If he lost, he would have to finish the dominos challenge.

V didn’t want to risk losing anymore, so he came up with a sneaky way to trick the staff. In mid-game, he pulled out his phone and pretended to call Jimin.

V’s “distract to attack” plan worked…

…and he couldn’t have been happier to win!