BTS’s V Trying To Quiet ARMYs Down Is The Cutest Thing To Bless The Internet


When the second night of BTS‘s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final] tour concert came to an end, V wanted to take his time to say goodbye to ARMYs.


While he too wanted to hear ARMYs scream their lungs out, he instead told everyone to stay as quiet as possible…

Even when I say scream, don’t actually make any noises. Don’t even bonk your ARMY BOMBs together. Just don’t make a single sound, okay?

— V


… considering that the Seoul Olympic Stadium, where the concert was held, is located in the heart of Jamsil, Seoul which is largely a residential area and that it was late into the night!

I’m afraid we might wake up the neighbors. Let’s use our inside voices.

— V


UWU-ing at V’s sweetness, ARMYs tried their best to contain themselves when V whispered, “Scream, everybody!”

Oh, good. I think this volume is okay.

— V


He then continued to thank the fans for coming to watch him perform and prolong the goodbye as long as he could…

BTS’s V Promises To “Keep Going” Until Every Single ARMY Has Seen Him Perform


… while ARMYs gradually grew louder, no longer able to keep themselves quiet. At one point, when it got too turnt up, V immediately got back in noise patrol mode and asked everyone to bring it down for the folks in bed!


ARMYs are now madly swooning at how irresistibly adorable V is, trying to keep the sleeping asleep!


Watch the full clip here: