BTS’s V Turned His Dog Yeontan Into A Meme Again

Fans are having a lot of fun with Yeontan’s new photo.

BTS‘s V is a world star with a crazy schedule, but he’s never too busy to make time for his fur-child, Yeontan.

Whether it’s enjoying a glass of wine together or just hanging out, V and Yeontan love being together.

On March 15, V posted a pup-date to Weverse of Yeontan watching an episode of Itaewon Class. “At this age, this kind of dog is very fun,” V wrote, referencing a line the character Jang Dae-hee says in the show.

This photo has plenty of meme potential, and ARMY didn’t hesitate to make it happen!

Here’s Yeontan, innocently watching Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, just before his dad is killed on screen.

Here he is again, waiting until the end of time for new V and Jungkook selfies.

Until then, he’ll reexperience this photoshoot with his favorite hooman…

…while streaming BTS’s new music videos.

Or, maybe he’ll just spend his day watching “cat” videos.

The possibilities are endless!