“It’s Because He’s A Fairy” — Netizens Notice BTS V’s Unique Habit

Not many people can do this.

BTS‘s V has all kinds of cute and quirky habits. Some are totally adorable, like his rectangular smile…

…and some are a bit more dangerous to our hearts, like his cool and charismatic expressions on stage!

However, one of his habits is so subtle, you just might miss it. Watch this carefully — Did you miss it?

You might have noticed that V can move his ears!

When he’s focusing or concentrating on something, they sometimes move backwards.

Only some people are capable of doing this…

…and netizens found it equally fascinating and adorable!

  • “He’s like a character LOL”
  • “A fairy, he’s a fairy!”
  • “As expected, fairies are different…”
  • “Woah, this is fascinating. He’s like a puppy”
  • “Isn’t it because he’s a fairy?”
  • “Fascinating”
  • “Cute😭😭😭😭”

Give it a try and see if you’re capable of this super cute quirk, too!

Source: theqoo