These Videos Of BTS V’s Most Successful Fanboy Will Make You Incredibly Jealous

The bromance between BTS’s V and Wanna One’s Park Jihoon lives on at the 2019 Golden Disk Awards.

BTS‘s V and Wanna One‘s Park Jihoon made fans a little envious with their show-stealing bromance at the 2019 Golden Disc Awards.


The 33rd Golden Disc Awards was a two-day event, held on January 5 and 6. The first day celebrated digital releases, while the second day focused on physical album releases.


Both Wanna One and BTS took home several awards, including “Best Boy Group” (Wanna One) and “Album of the Year” (BTS), but Park Jihoon also won the unofficial award for…


..”Most Successful Fanboy”!


Park Jihoon is a long time fan of V and has been caught fanboying over him on multiple occasions.

Everyone Is Convinced Wanna One’s Park Jihoon Is The Real Winner At MGA


Over time, Park Jihoon has transitioned from fanboy to friend thanks, in part, to being able to interact with V during awards shows.


V has made an effort to seek out Park Jihoon at these events, including the Golden Disc Awards. Fans captured V and Park Jihoon having the time of their lives together on stage, while BTS performed “IDOL”.


It turns out that V is just as big a fan of Park Jihoon as Park Jihoon is of him! He could be seen cheering on Park Jihoon and Wanna One in the audience.


Fans can’t get enough of this duo and hope to see more of their precious moments in the future.

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