Everyone Is Convinced Wanna One’s Park Jihoon Is The Real Winner At MGA

He finally got to meet his role model!

In case you missed it the 2018 MGA (MBC Plus x Genie Music Awards) just happened and there were a lot of great awards given out.

Here Are All The Winners From the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards


With groups like BTS, TWICE, and iKON being recognized for their talents at the awards show, there was one idol who just might have been the biggest winner out of everyone there!


Wanna One‘s Park Jihoon didn’t just win the Song Of The Year, Best Male Vocal Performance, and MBC Plus Star award with the rest of his group…


He also got pulled into the thick of things by his role model!


Fans noticed that towards the end of the night, BTS’s V walked right up to Jihoon to have a chat with him.


Then he pulled him forward in the crowd of people and the two posed for the camera together.


Jihoon has been a long time fan of V and has been caught on multiple occasions fanboying over him!


Which is why fans are so happy for him to finally be able to have an interaction with V.


Now fans are even more excited to see more interactions between the two stars in the future!

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