Wanna One Jihoon notices BTS V beside him… and FREAKS OUT

Jihoon’s face when he realized V was sitting next to him.

Wanna One‘s Jihoon is one of the most popular idols in all of Korea, so who does the most idolized idol idolize?

During 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong, fans caught notice of Jihoon totally fanboying over BTS‘s V! Jihoon had the chance to sit right behind V, and fans caught him glancing over at V multiple times.

Jihoon was so close to his idol that he couldn’t do anything but discreetly stare… but nothing goes unnoticed by the eagle-eyed fans!

Jihoon was sitting near BTS’s V once again during 2017 MBC Gayo Daejejeon and his eyes were just drawn to V…

… Over and over again!

He even laughed right along with V when he made a joke with his BTS members!

It makes sense that Jihoon would totally fanboy over V. He previously revealed that V was his role model and someone he would like to be someday.

Even V reciprocated the love with a compliment towards Jihoon himself!

Here’s to a blossoming friendship between the two visual-gods of K-Pop!

Watch the full video of Jihoon fanboying over V below: