BTS’s V And His “Wooga” Friends Know How To Make Workouts Fun

V and his friends turned Park Seo Joon’s workout into a dance party.

If you’d rather watch paint dry than hit the gym, you need a fun-loving workout buddy like BTS‘s V!


On October 9, V shared a new vlog, as part of BTS’s vacation log series. In it, he shares snippets of how he spent his rest and relaxation time with friends and family.


The video starts with V boating off the coast of Jeju Island with his “wooga” crew: Park Seo JoonChoi Woo Shik, and Peakboy. Unfortunately, Park Hyung Sik couldn’t be there, due to his military service, but he was with them in spirit (thanks to Photoshop).


These famous friends have a blast together, whether they’re swimming…


…jamming in a car…


…or getting in shape.


While Park Seo Joon was lifting, V and his friends started a dance party!


Somehow, Park Seo Joon stayed focused while all this was happening…


…but he was all smiles!


Watch the vlog here: