BTS’s V Was Worried If ARMY Would Still Be There After The Pandemic But ARMY Put His Fears To Rest

He had been worried.

BTS‘s V made a heartbreaking statement during the ending of the last day of their offline concert. BTS had performed a 4 day long tour in Los Angeles, PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE. It was their first offline concert in almost two years, and of course, both ARMY and BTS were emotional.

| Korea Joongang Daily

V not only thanked fans for their love, but he also confessed one of his worries to ARMY. The revelation had many in tears. V himself looked a little teary, although he didn’t actually cry.

Ah… I had prepared an English speech but I don’t think I can do it. I’ll do it in Korean. Firstly, what I wanted to say was… Ah, these two years were very very tough. Yeah… It was super tough. Really. But during these 4 days of concert, I really was able to feel that we received so much love from ARMY. I also had this worry that’s also not really a worry, that since weren’t able to see ARMY for 2 years, so I had wondered if there would be any ARMY left now. Thank you so much for loving us this much.


It was heartbreaking and humbling that such a huge star as V would have such a worry. The pandemic was tough on everyone for sure. Of course, ARMY made sure to put his fears to rest as they sent him much love through their cheers and screams after his speech. What a reliable fandom! They even made sure to express their love for him through Twitter.

We’re sure V knows he’s loved!