Here’s How BTS’s V And Yeontan Impressed Korea’s “Doggy Guru” Kang Hyung Wook

“He surprised me in such a pleasant way.”

On an episode of Just Happened, Korea’s “doggy guru” and popular dog trainer Kang Hyung Wook shared his experience with meeting some of Korea’s top celebrities and helping them with their pets’ behaviors.


When the show host asked if there was any specific star and pet that struck him as the most memorable, Kang Hyung Wook picked BTS‘s V and pointed out that he was very impressed with V for a very unique reason.


Kang Hyung Wook explained that V had visited the Bodeum Training Center in 2017. While most pet owners in Korea visit the center with their pets and immediately start listing the pets’ “problems”, V wasn’t like that at all – Kang Hyung Wook recalled. In fact, Kang Hyung Wook pointed out, V didn’t even have Yeontan at the time of his visit.


Kang Hyung Wook continued to explain that V had decided to bring home a dog of his own and wanted to find out first what it meant to become a dog owner.

I thought he was inquiring about a dog he already had. But he didn’t have one yet. Instead, he wanted to know what he would need to do prior to bringing home a pet. He wanted to learn first how he could be prepared to take care of a dog.

— Kang Hyung Wook


Kang Hyung Wook stated he was impressed by V’s sense of responsibility and decision to be completely aware of the choice he was about to make. He said, “I thought V was awesome for doing that. He surprised me in such a pleasant way. That’s how everyone should approach the decision of taking on a pet’s life.”


Shortly after the visit, Kang Hyung Wook uploaded a picture with V on his Instagram. Fans didn’t think much of the picture – until early 2018, V introduced Yeontan to his fans for the first time. Now Yeontan is absolutely beloved by BTS members and ARMYs alike!


Watch the full clip below: