BTS V Introducing Yeontan Is 2018 Best Video of V Live

No-one can resist these two.

BTS V and his pet dog Yeontan, a.k.a Tannie, was picked by Naver V Live editors as the Best Video of 2018.

V Live is a platform used by celebrities for broadcasting themselves while communicating with viewers in live time via chat. It’s very popular among many idols and their fans.

Recently V Live editors released their top 10 Best Video picks out of 1,300 videos broadcast and uploaded to V Live. There were a number of different categories to the videos too, such as ‘talented hands’, ‘can’t stop laughing while eating’, and ‘lovely pet and celebrity’.

BTS V’s video of him and his pet dog Yeontan made it to the top of category ‘lovely pet and celebrity’, and also was picked as 2018 Best Video out of all 1,300 videos included.

In this BTS Live “A present has arrived~”, V introduces Yeontan to his fans for the first time. He also talks about the things he had to prepare before adopting Yeontan and how he had talked with an expert about things he needed to keep in mind when adopting a dog.

He also talked about Yeontan’s personality, and showed off Yeontan’s things, like his toys, water bottle, and clothes.

V didn’t forget to communicate with his fans, and answered many of the questions they asked through chat.

The 27-minutes long broadcast assembled 3 million fans while live.

It became the most viewed V Live video in a total of 24 countries, some of which were Korea, the US, China, Japan, Canada, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico.

Following the live broadcast, Yeontan’s name and his nickname Tannie trended worldwide on Twitter, garnering even more attention.

Since it’s live broadcast on the 6th of December, the video has been viewed over 7.8 million times and has over 425 million hearts!

No-one can resist the cuteness of Tannie and V’s attractive voice!

Source: Segye Ilbo