BTS Is A Well-Known K-Pop Group, But What Do Koreans On The Street Really Think About Them?

If you thought every Korean knew BTS’s songs, this interview will make you think again.

ARMYs know that BTS is a worldwide-famous group.

After all, their never-ending list of awards…

…record-breaking songs…

…and millions of fans — including famous celebrities — all prove how incredibly famous they really are.

By checking out this latest interview by DKDKTV, though, you may find it amusing how some Koreans may not even be totally familiar with who they really are.

For example, this young man knows the name of the group, although he’s never listened to their songs before.

Another man proclaims that he likes BTS, even though he’s not too familiar with their song lyrics.

The interviewer wanted to find out if the Koreans walking on the street can recognize the group’s songs. They started with:

BTS – “Boy With Luv”

What is the next lyrics to “Oh, tell me”?

This young woman scrunched up her face in concentration, and it felt like she was about to say the correct answer, but it evaded her.

Honesty is the best policy, after all.

Let’s give this young man props for politely answering “Yes?” after hearing “Oh, tell me”, shall we?

Finally, a young woman recognized the song, provided the next lyrics and even hummed the tune to get the rhythm going.


After the first song, the interviewers decided to play “FAKE LOVE” next and asked them to continue it. The previous woman who got the first song right continues her lucky streak and provides the correct lyrics for this one, too.

On the other hand, this young man chose the “pass” option and decided to try his luck on the next song.

Now, it’s completely understandable that not every Korean will know the song lyrics to a song by a K-Pop group, but what about their achievements?

With one of their achievements being “The Order of Cultural Merit” as awarded by the country’s president himself, Koreans may be more familiar with what BTS has accomplished so far, don’t you think?

“Which achievements of BTS are you most proud of?”

This young woman may not be familiar with the song lyrics, but she’s updated with popular entertainment news such as the relationship between BTS and the Billboard chart.

As for her, she thinks that being popular is already an achievement in itself and that sounds reasonable enough.

Listing their speech at the UN as one of BTS’s achievements, this young man is definitely proud of BTS for their humanitarian efforts.

And finally, this young woman was amazed at how BTS seemed to be representing Korea whenever they have their acceptance speeches.

Check out the full video here: