BTS’s V “Flirted” With Fans Again…And They’re Not Complaining

Nobody was ready to be attacked like this.

V‘s charm doesn’t have an off switch. He’s forever making hearts flutter, even when he’s not trying to!

BTS‘s fandom is global, and with that comes the challenge of language barriers. V doesn’t speak fluent English yet, but he uses what English he does know to express his feelings sincerely.

In an effort to communicate with the members, some ARMYs use automatic translators to post Korean messages on the app. Recently, a fan left this auto-translated message for V, along with a link to a song.

Taehyung likes old songs, and he also likes Italia. I think this song’s a nice one for him, and I think he would like it.

— Fan

V, who could tell an auto-translator had been used, replied in English.

V probably didn’t mean to sound flirty, but with those six words, ARMY’s panic hours were open!

After all, this isn’t the first time V has “flirted” with ARMY on Weverse.

It’s happened…a few times.

Sometimes though, Weverse’s auto-translator is to blame for turning V into Casanova. Here are two less than accurate translations from 2019 that are still flustering fans today.

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