BTS Weverse Is Bringing Out RM’s Inner Clown And We’re Living For It

Fans are loving RM’s response to a particular Weverse flaw.

Jin isn’t the only BTS member who enjoys wordplay! When RM sees an opportunity to make verbal mischief, he takes it.


Big Hit Entertainment recently announced the launch of their new official fan community, BTS Weverse. BTS Weverse offers BTS and ARMY a new way to communicate with each other and upload content. Big Hit Family fans may already be familiar with Weverse, since TXT opened up a fan community there not long after debut.


BTS Weverse is equipped with an automatic translation service to help out I-ARMYs, but it’s not flawless. Thankfully, wonky translations are nothing new for I-ARMYs. On Twitter, BTS have been sabotaged countless times by Google translation!


On July 1, Suga wrote a Weverse post that left many people confused: “Is this the upper bus?”. Upper bus? What is that?


“Upper bus” is actually a mistranslation of “weverse”. Fans had a field day with Suga’s post, and RM added even more fun to it. When a fan wrote, “Do you have a bus below upper bus?”, RM replied cheekily with, “down bus”.


ARMYs are loving RM’s reply and are hoping for similar posts in the future!