BTS’s Suga Has Something To Say About Jin’s Dress Code Violations

Suga responds to Jin’s habit of not dressing to match his members.

Why blend in when you can stand out?

When you’re a rebel fashionista like BTS‘s Jin, rules are made to be broken and dress codes exist to be violated. Jin ignores “dress to match” memos by wearing outfits that are completely different than his members’.

Exhibit A: purple is the new black.

Exhibit B: bright and white at Music Bank. 

On Weverse, a fan posted these photos (and several more) with the caption, “Isn’t it time you tell him the dress code?” 

In reply, Suga told ARMY that Jin knows all about the dress code; he just refuses to follow it. “Ah, I told him to come dressed to match with us.”  

(Side note: This is one of those times when Weverse’s auto translator is on point.)

Maybe one day Jin will obey the dress code, but that day is not today!

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