BTS’s V Is Clowning ARMY On Weverse…Literally   

Fans say it’s only a matter of time before he drops his stan account.

BTS‘s V frequently hangs out on Weverse to chat, play games, and even do a little “flirting” with fans. In fact, he’s on his way to becoming a full-fledged ARMY!

Like all fandoms, K-Pop fans have their own stan vernacular and inside jokes. ARMY culture, in particular, was born on social media. If idols spend enough time hanging out with their fans online, they can’t help picking up the slang, and more.

On April 21, V gifted ARMY with two new selfies. In this caption, V tried his hand at some Jin-style wordplay with, “The best gold of the world is now”. In Korean, “gold” is “geum/금” and “now” is “ji-geum/지금”.

Apparently, Jin wasn’t sure how to take that.

V caption the other selfie with three clown emojis. In BTS stan culture, and K-Pop fan culture in general, clown emojis are extremely popular.

Now, more than ever, ARMYs are convinced V has a secret stan account. If he ever reveals it, he’ll have millions of moots in no time!

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