BTS Reveals The Words They Like To Hear The Most From Others

ARMYs, take notes!

BTS once revealed some of the things they love to hear most from the people in their lives.

Words of affirmation may be one of Jimin‘s love languages! He immediately said his favorite thing to hear is “I love you” and even tells his members to say it back.

Others, like J-Hope, are a bit more reserved and might not say it — but show it through their caring and thoughtful actions.

However, the members often put aside their pride and tell Jimin “Love you.” How sweet!

Jimin also revealed that from friends, he feels happiest when they compliment BTS.

What I like most about talking to friends is when they compliment our band.

— Jimin

This means the opposite is true: If anyone talks bad about BTS, Jimin can’t be their friend!

RM revealed his favorite thing he loves to hear is “Did you lose weight?” Even BTS’s leader is relatable from time-to-time!

Jungkook added in that praise like “You’re doing well” or “Good job” makes him happy.

The next time you see BTS, remember to tell them how much you love them and how good they look…which is not a problem for ARMYs!

Watch their full conversation below.



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