BTS Wrote Poems About Each Other, They Will Have You Crying Real Tears

Some of the poems were a bit comedic, but they were all meaningful. 

BTS wrote poems for each other and revealed them to each other on an episode of Run BTS! 

Some of the poems were a bit comedic, but they were all meaningful.

1. Jungkook wrote on the concept of gold as his nickname is “golden maknae”.


Golden rain fell in my mother’s conception dream.
Everything the raindrops touched turned into gold.

I, who wasn’t capable of anything
met all of you at a golden-like time.
I began to shine.

At first, I was gold.
After time passes and I look around
everything around me has turned into gold.

I don’t want to lose this precious shine.

— by Jungkook

2. V wrote a poem titled “So What?” which is a nod a satoori phrase he always says. The phrase, 그므시라꼬, can be translated to “don’t fear” or “stay calm” as well.

V also chose to speak to each member comfortably, using casual language and not using the word hyung when speaking to the older members.

So What?

So what?
Seokjin-ah, don’t be sad when you mess up the choreography when you’re on stage.
So what?
Next time, you can just not mess up that part.
Eusha eusha! [Words of encouragement, like fighting!]

Namjoon-ah, don’t have a mental breakdown after blowing a kiss.
So what?
Because of your hand kiss, many ARMYs hearts skip a beat.
Pitter, patter. [Sound of a heart beating fast]

Yoongi-ah, don’t worry about wanting to be born as a rock in your next life.
So what?
I will always have you with me and bring you to beautiful places often.
Rock, rock.

Hoseok-ah, don’t put on a scary face when we mess up the choreography on stage.
So what?
[Chinese/Korean four character idiom that means ‘wise men can make mistakes in a sea of thoughts’]
Anyone is bound to make a mistake
Please look at us with your warm smile
Booing, booing. [Sound often used for aegyo.]

Jimin-ah, don’t be stressed over dieting, voice cracks, or making a mistake on stage.
So what?
No matter what you do, it won’t change that you’re still the coolest person I’ve ever seen on stage.
Euheok, euheok. [Random sound, V possibly used this to make Jimin laugh]

Jungkook-ah, don’t bother the hyungs and workout to bother us even more.
So what?
Maknaes have lots of aegyo and are cute.
Right now, you aren’t cute.
Ohgoo, ohgoo. [Sound used when speaking to babies or babying someone.]

So what?

— by V

3. Jimin’s poem spoke about the difficult inner thoughts he has when he’s with people, as well as the people he’s happy to be with.


I think the thing called ‘together’ is difficult.
Meeting people I don’t know.
Meeting people so different.
‘Together’ makes me think ‘Did I make a mistake? What’s wrong with me?’
and I think it’s is quite difficult.

But, when it’s gone I feel empty.
When I’m having fun, sad, want to be comforted
strangely, I think of people.

Those people who were together with me,
are with me now as “us”
a name I am so thankful for.

We became ‘us’
by sharing even the small things together.
The people who hope for no pain for each other
are by our side.

And today, as the sun sets
we are together.
I think that’s what ‘together’ means.

— Jimin

4. RM used some interesting wordplay with “giyeok” — the first letter of the Korean alphabet as it sounds similar to the Korean word for “memory” or “to remember”.

I Giyeok

I remember.

Taehyung’s buzz cut.
Jungkook’s deer-like eyes and acid-wash skinny jeans.
Hoseok’s grey padding jacket.
Yoongi-hyung’s blue training pants.
Seokjin-hyung’s time when he didn’t make dad jokes.
Jimin’s chubby bo-bo-body. [A play on Jay Park’s Mommae lyrics].

I remember.
Our Hangang River.
Our bikes.
Our GXXX* V-neck t-shirts.
Our GXXX* chino shorts.
[*RM self-censored the brand.]
Our showcase.
Our beef bulgogi.
Our waiting room chair.
And, our blood, sweat, and tears.

All of those memories are in the deepest corner of the drawers in my head.
All of those memories are like the hangul letter “giyeok”
My precious beginning.
So today as well, I ‘giyeok’ my memories.

— RM

5. J-Hope use the word “ssi” for his poem. Seed in Korean is 씨 (Ssi). In Korea, when calling someone respectfully, you add “Ssi” to their names (ex. Jimin-ssi). They are spelt the same but have different meanings.


Seed (Ssi)

Our Namjoon-ssi,
and Hoseok-ssi.

These seeds at some point became pretty flowers.
To someone they became beauty,
To someone they became happiness,
And to someone, they became the scent of nostalgia.

Our Namjoon-ssi,
and Hoseok-ssi.

Bloom like roses,**
Flutter like cherry blossom,**
Wilt like morning glory.**
Just like our beautiful moments,**
let’s be together.
[**Lyrics from ‘Magic Shop’ by BTS]

[*A play on ‘I love you’ using ‘ssi’.]

— by J-Hope

6.  Suga has spoken many times about how he became afraid of their success, but is able to overcome it because he’s sharing the experience with the members. His poem reflects these thoughts as well.

What a Relief

Already five years since debut.
Just boys with many dreams.
‘We’ had nothing, now we have many things.
‘We’ only had dreams, now we have become someone else’s dream.

Life is a repetition of choice and regret
I am scared again.
We are scared again.

We dreamed of a blue sky,
but it is too high up and cold here.
I struggle to breathe,
and as more light shines on us
it’s only law that the shadows multiply too.

What a relief that there are seven of us.
What a relief that we are together.

— by Suga

7. Jin worked very hard on his poem up until the midpoint, but he ending up writing something very Jin-like at the end.


We ran without resting.
Run BTS too, BTS too.
It’s certain that everything in the world gets tired.
But I want to beg for that time not to be now.

I wanted to live the way water flows,
but I am not water.
I feel that I am an animal that lives fiercely.

Making a family,
always being happy,
gathering the strength to do anything,
but you can’t stop the course of nature.

As I look at myself, who is aging slowly day by day,
I look back at our dances.
Ah, it was so difficult.

Sungdeuk-ssaem, we have too many difficult dances.
I believe in ssaem.
Namjoon-ah, all of us, fighting.

— by Jin